The Girl Behind The Clothes...

Hello Lovelies!
So I thought I would introduce myself,
I'm Lauren, 21 years old and i'm a Yorkshire girl.
I study Fashion Knitwear Design at Nottingham Trent University, currently i'm in my 3rd year which is a placement year so at the moment i'm working as a knitwear designer for Makepiece, a company based in a little town called Hebden Bridge. I absolutely love university and Nottingham so i'm very much looking forward to heading back there in September.
I started my blog as I had been told by a couple of friends that they thought people would like to see my style, i've been a massive fashion lover and have thought I had a good sense of style so I decided to just go for it. Since November time i've been taking blogging really seriously and have been addicted ever since.
I am a massive shopper and like my blog says I really am 'the girl with too many clothes', at 21 my wardrobe is the only thing i'm truly proud of haha. I love going abroad and literally try to save all my money to go raid Mango while i'm there. When I was younger my family liked to call me the bag lady though as i've become a bit older i've become my mum and turned into the boot lady.
My favourite things in life are: dressing up and going out with my girls, cocktails, sushi, chocolate, mexican food, my doggies, zara, summer and travelling. I love going on holiday and experiencing different cultures, there's so many places I want to visit!
Thankyou for reading and I hope you follow me :)!

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